Disassembly & Inspection

All engines are disassembled & inspected before any repair work is performed.

Chemical Cleaning

Each part is carefully cleaned before the repair process begins.

Crack Detection

Crack detection is performed to determine cracks which are not easily visible.

Cylinder Head Reconditioning

Damaged cylinder heads are stripped, pressure tested, repaired and reconditioned.


Resleeving is performed on excessively worn or seized blocks with new cylinder sleeves.

Line Boring

Line boring is a machining process where the main tunnels in the cylinder block are machined to achieve round and aligned journals.

Reboring & Honing

When cylinders are badly worn they can cause excessive oil consumption. Reboring and honing is used to smooth out the surface.

Surface Machining

If a cylinder head or block is warped or worn at the gasket interface, the surface is machined to make it level again.

Crankshaft Grinding

Worn crankshafts are first measured to determine whether they are standard or undersized. They are also checked for cracks. If no cracks are present, the crankshaft is ground and polished to specification.

Pressure Testing

Pressure Testing is used to determine if there are any hidden cracks on a cylinder head and/or block.

Complete Overhaul of Engine

Complete engines are stripped and inspected and damaged componenets are repaired or replaced.

Reassemble & Engine Testing

Complete or sub assemblies are rebuilt to specification and inspected. Dynomometer testing can be conducted on request.